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It's Official, Canadian Tire Releases All-New Points Card

This is the new way to collect cash.

It looks like Canadian Tire is finally phasing out "Canadian Tire Money" and replacing it will this rewards card.

Canadian Tire just tweeted out about a Triangle card that is going to change the way we collect rewards from Canadian Tire. It seems like Canadian Tire cash will slowly dissolve as Canadian Tire moves onto a much easier rewards system.

A Canadian Tire customer service representative assured us that Canadian Tire will never get rid of their cash, but considering many Canadian Tire stores no longer actually carry the physical cash anymore, this is a new, better way to collect rewards.

For a few years now, Canadian Tire has been using this system where customers can collect "e-money" as opposed to physical Canadian Tire cash. 

The Triangle rewards card is the newest way for customers to collect their rewards. Canadian Tire is changing over the old system of e-money to the Triangle card. 

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And the best part? This Triangle rewards card can be used across all of their banner stores! This means that you can collect and use points at Canadian Tire, Mark's Work Warehouse and even Atmosphere! 

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