A number of locals and tourists including Canadians were on board a deadly bus crash in Cuba that killed seven people. The crash happened yesterday afternoon between Baracoa and Guantanamo on the eastern side of the island. Five people were also left in critical condition from the crash. 

Details about the names and nationalities of those injured or killed in the deadly crash have yet to be released. However, reports from Cuba indicate that the bus was carrying 18 locals and 22 tourists. The tourists are reported to be from Holland, Great Britain, France, Mexico, and of course Canada. 

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While little is know about the victims, at this time there are indications of what caused the bus to crash in the first place. According to reports from Cuba, the driver, who clearly was not killed in the crash, said he lost control of the bus while on a wet and winding highway. On top of the road being wet and winding, Cuba's highways are also known for being poorly lit, too narrow, and riddled with potholes. This most recent crash is the fourth bus crash there this month. 

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It is not clear yet if any Canadians were among those injured or killed in the crash or how many of them were on board. 

Cuba remains a popular destination for Canadian travellers though. Last year it was reported that around 1.1 million Canadians visited the island in 2017, making up almost one-quarter of Cuba's foreign visitors that year. 

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Unfortunately for the country, they are no stranger to crashes of this kind. Last year in all of Cuba there were over 11,000 car accidents on their poorly-conditioned highways. 

From those crashes, 750 people were killed and almost 8000 people were injured. 

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While the extent of all the injuries from the latest crash isn't known, media in Cuba confirmed that of the 40 passengers on board, the 33 surviving people were all taken to a hospital in Guantanamo for treatment of their injuries. 

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