It made headlines yesterday that retail giant Walmart decided they would be pulling Cosmopolitan issues off of their check-out shelves. Citing the apparent misogyny and sexualization of the magazine as a reason to keep it away from kids. While it initially seemed like Canadian locations would follow in America's footsteps, it turns out they won't be. 

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While American reps for the brand noted the decision was both for business but also partly as a response to concerns that the magazine was too sexual, Canadian reps have said the change only applies to U.S stores. With that in mind, they've decided to keep in the magazines where they are. 

A representative for Walmart Canada addressed the stray from the U.S branch's decision saying "as with all products in our store, we evaluate our assortment based on customer response and needs. In Canada, we offer Cosmopolitan to customers that wish to purchase the magazine in select checkout locations and within the store magazine section." 

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So it sounds like Walmart Canada was already ahead of the game and have Cosmo stocked on in certain checkout stations. Apart from that, it seems that is the extent the Canadian Walmarts will be censoring the magazines from customers in comparison to our neighbours across the border.

The decision by U.S Walmart was definitely met with serious criticism considering many women felt the magazine promotes women being comfortable with their sexuality. So as Canadians it's definitely good news for us that we won't have to track down an employee to find the newest issue! 

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