While we always care about every sport and player in the winter Olympics there's one particular sport that has even the least interested sports fan engaged - and that's obviously it's the men and women's hockey games. With 93 overall Olympic wins and a the longest winning streak of all time, you can bet that we're a top team to beat in the Olympic hockey games. 

However we sadly can't add one more win to our name this year, since our women's hockey team unfortunately didn't bring home a gold medal win. The game came down to a final shootout, where the Americans won, effectively ending their 20 year drought.

The score, a 2-3 loss for Canada, was the very first Olympic women's hockey final to go into a shootout. 

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While we are still making it to the podium for a silver medal win, Team Canada player Blayre Turnbull says, "We didn't come here to win silver". 

While they might be disappointed, Canada still stands behind them and are proud of their efforts. 

From India, Justin Trudeau congratulated the girls saying that the the Canadian women "played amazing."

Adding, "It's a terrible way to lose a game in a shootout, but we're with you, we support you, we send you huge hugs and we're going to keep supporting you all the way to the next Games". 

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To our Canadian Women's Hockey team - we still love you!

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