You would think that after the controversy over "Baby It's Cold Outside" was finally put to rest that the remainder of the holiday season would be smooth sailing for Canadians. Unfortunately, it seems one Ottawa resident who is being called the local "Grinch" has awoken yet another controversial debate, but this time it involves a homemade ice rink. 

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It all started when an Ottawa family participated in a tradition they have been doing for years by building an outdoor ice rink on their front lawn to play hockey. The rink is for not only the family's daughters but also other children in the neighbourhood to play on throughout the winter months. Unfortunately, the tradition is set to get cut short this year after an anonymous neighbour reported the rink to the city. 

Via CTV News

The owner of the rink, Cory Cosgrove, told CTV News that the city initially said the boards for the hockey rink were on city property. In response, Cosgrove set them back to comply with the city bylaws. Though this week the city's bylaw officer returned yet again and told the family that the rink's structure would have to come down entirely as a result of the complaint. 

The neighbour who filed the complaint spoke with CTV News as well and claims she wasn't consulted before the rink was set up and claimed it has been an eyesore in the past once the end of winter rolled around. Other neighbours have been quite outspoken with their response to the complaint, one parent named Greg Hill going as far as to call her "the Grinch." 

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Other Ottawa residents outside of the neighbourhood, as well as Canadians living in different provinces entirely, were also quite outspoken about the situation:

Even the mayor of Ottawa has announced on Twitter that he is looking into the issue and is hoping for a resolution that keeps the rink in place: 

Considering that now Canadians across the country are claiming they will help set up a GoFundMe to pay the city fees so the family can keep the rink up, it's clear the rink is most likely not going anywhere. Though it would be an ending fit for a holiday movie if the neighbour does eventually come around to the tradition that's helping kids stay active and socialize over the country's favourite pastime. 

Source: CTV News 

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