The holidays are sadly over, yet it looks like Netflix is trying to keep the Christmas spirit - but it might be too little, too late. Canadians are now mad that Netflix Canada only released a very popular holiday movie after Christmas ended. The release date of this Christmas movie onto Netflix Canada makes no sense, especially since Christmas is now almost a year away. 

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Netflix Canada announced on their Twitter page today that Christmas With The Kranks has just been made available to stream on the service. "If anyone is looking for a holiday movie to watch in January, Christmas with the Kranks is now streaming," wrote Netflix Canada in their tweet

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However, the streaming service didn't release the film until after Christmas was long over. Canadians are now upset that it took this long for Netflix Canada to release Christmas With The Kranks, and annoyed that they didn't release it last month while it was still during the holiday season.

Check out the announcement that Netflix Canada posted onto their Twitter page below. 

Sorry Netflix, but who is looking to watch a holiday movie in January when it could have been watched in December instead? Several people responded to the tweet from Netflix Canada and were not all too happy about Christmas With The Krank's untimely release. 

In response to Netflix adding the holiday movie late, many also took the opportunity to call out Netflix for taking off other shows. Canadians have been canceling their Netflix subscriptions because of several reasons, such as the lack of titles on the service and the price hike. For instance, Netflix recently took off New Girl and Bob's Burgers and people were seriously upset. 

Check out some of the other tweets in reply to Netflix announcing the arrival of Christmas With The Kranks on the streaming service. 

Christmas With The Kranks is a holiday comedy that stars Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis. It was released in 2004 and is a Christmas classic. The movie focuses on a couple who decides to cancel Christmas for the year and instead embark on a Caribbean cruise, resulting in them being outcasted by their neighbours.

So if you're still feeling the holiday spirit, you can watch Christmas With The Kranks now on Netflix Canada

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