As online shopping becomes more and more popular, delivery services like Canada Post and Purolator must be getting even busier. But being busy isn't an excuse for not even trying. 

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Recently, Canadians are accusing Purolator of not even trying to deliver their packages to their doors and they have proof. 

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Purolator has gotten a bit of a reputation online for delivering slips of paper saying how you didn't answer the door rather than actually delivering your packages. This conspiracy theory has finally been proven because now Canadians have real evidence that Purolator employees don't even try to knock on your door. 

One Canadian shared their story on Reddit saying that since they were waiting for a package to arrive in the mail, they thought they would do some garden work in their front yard. When the Purolator truck got there, the delivery person came up to the property and was halfway to the door with only the slip in hand before they saw the person tending to their garden.

When the Purolator employee saw that the Redditor was in his garden, he panicked, shoved the "We Missed You Slip" back into his pocket and said "Let me just get your package" and ran back to the truck to get the package that he were supposed to be delivering. 

Purolator: The worst service possible from r/canada

This story serves as pretty definitive proof that the delivery service isn't even trying to deliver packages since they are leaving them in the truck and only giving people missed-delivery slips instead. 

While it could be easy to say this was an off-day or an isolated incident, Canadians on Twitter have corroborated the story with their own similar experiences. 

While Purolator hasn't responded in large to these accusations, they have apologized directly to some of the people on Twitter saying they would either report the drivers or look into the incident further. 

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