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Canadians Play An Impromptu Hockey Game In The Middle Of The Highway While Stuck In Traffic (VIDEO)

Canadians start highway hockey game after a 75-car pile-up on Highway 40 in Montreal, Quebec.

A group of Canadians actually started a game of ice hockey right on the highway after a massive pile-up took place on Highway 40 near Montreal. Several people were stuck on the highway after a 75-car pileup took place close about 20km to Montreal, according to CBC News

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Many Canadians were waiting for hours for the roads to clear up and emergency crews to re-open the highway after the massive pile-up, according to Yahoo News. However, this delay clearly didn't stop Canadians from living their best lives. 

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Instead of passing the time in their cars, people did the most Canadian thing ever and actually started a game of hockey right on the highway roads. Do Canadians know how to make the most of a situation or what? 

The incident was even captured on video and lucky for us, we can all enjoy watching some Canadians play some good old hockey right on the highway. Check out the video footage of the hockey game that broke out on Highway 70 in Quebec below that was posted onto Twitter

In the video, you can see several people playing ice hockey on the highway road in the midst of several cars all stuck on the highway. They even have ice-skates on. A police car is blocking one part of the highway so it's clear the commuters were unable to move. 

People are absolutely loving this impromptu Canadian hockey game. The video has gone completely viral on Twitter with over 500,000 views and 10,000 likes. Many are commenting their respect for the Canadian hockey players. 

Many people are commenting that this highway hockey game just confirms Canadian stereotypes and they sure are proud to be Canadian. 

The highway was closed for several hours due to the major car accident and pile-up, according to Yahoo News. No one had life-threatening injuries from the accident, but some people had minor injuries.

Despite the pile-up and delays, at least we know some Canadians continued to live their best lives by playing some good old hockey during the wait and we got blessed with the video footage. 

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