Before marijuana was legalized in Canada one of the main concerns for people across the country was the threat that they could be banned from the US forever if they were found to have invested in, worked with, bought, or even just smoked weed at all in their lives, they would be banned from entering the US forever. 

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The idea was that US Border agents would be asking Canadians crossing the border if they had done any of those things and if they had, they would be deemed inadmissible forever. Now, exactly one week since legalization day, a few Canadians have actually been to the border and they revealed what it's really like since weed has become legal. 

Across the country, whether it's been from Alberta, Ontario, or Quebec, Canadians attempting to cross the border into the US in the days following weed legalization revealed that nothing has changed despite the fact that rumours were swirling beforehand. 

On Reddit, a few people have shared their experiences crossing the border since weed became legal. One who claims to have crossed in Niagara Falls says not only was everything fine but the US Customs agent was really friendly. 

In Alberta, another person claims they have crossed into the US twice since legalization and everything was business, as usual. Meanwhile, other people haven't said where they crossed but revealed that when they crossed just this past weekend, in two different incidents, neither of them were even asked about marijuana. 

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Via Reddit

Via Reddit

It's the same story in Quebec where Canadians trying to cross the border have had no issues. One 20 something-year-old woman trying to cross from Quebec revealed that she wasn't asked any questions about marijuana, even when they randomly selected her for extra screening and searched her whole car. 

On the other hand, another Canadian trying to cross from Quebec was asked if he and the SUV full of men he was travelling with had any weed on them at the time of crossing but just like the other cases, they weren't asked if they had consumed it at all in the past. 

Other Canadians online have pointed out that despite all the hype, the US border agents probably won't ask about prior weed usage unless they have reason to actually suspect that you present a danger to their country at the time of entry. 

All that being said, these select few stories may calm some travellers worries but there is no guarantee that you won't be questioned about weed if you go to cross the border into the US.

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