If there's one thing Canada is known for, it's the free healthcare system. Since many countries aren't able to supply free medical care to their citizens, outside observers, even Canadians themselves, believe that Canada's medical system is one of the best in the world. What more could be more comforting than medical care without financial ruin?

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An unfortunate consequence of free healthcare, however, is total abuse of the system. Canadians often flock to their local hospital for relatively minor symptoms, meaning that hospitals are constantly slammed with cases both as serious as a heart attack and as simple as the common cold. 

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The flippancy that many Canadians have when it comes to going to the ER has become a massive issue as of late – so much so that many citizens believe this is the reason our medical system is such a mess. While we may have free healthcare, the Canadian medical community is plagued with issues ranging from overflowing hospitals to a labour shortages.

One Reddit user, Dinonuggiez reawoke the discussion online and it got pretty heated as numerous Canadians voiced their frustrations over citizens going to the ER with minor illnesses that could be treated somewhere else: 

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Though one user, SeriousSteve23as well as others, made a good case for non-emergency visits to the ER, claiming that there is no middle ground for patients whose doctors have excessive wait times: 

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Via Reddit

It's clear that while Canada's medical system might be free, it definitely could use some reworking. While it's bold to claim that the current state of this country's medical system is only due to patients going to the wrong places to get help, it definitely contributes to the chaos.

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Ultimately, it seems that the government needs to take a hard look at Canada's medical system and figure out how to implement a better infrastructure that alleviates stress on ERs by giving patients more options. While free health care is a major asset to Canada's medical system, it doesn't mean that there is not still room for improvement.



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