There's nothing better than a nice cold glass of chocolate milk, especially at lunchtime. But now the delicious drink is causing a huge debate across Canada. 

It all started when the government of New Brunswick banned all chocolate milk in schools and now schools across the country are debating to following suit. 

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A school in Ottawa, Ontario was among those to ban chocolate milk this year, all in an effort to bring students healthier options at lunchtime. But the action was met with a fight from a lot of parents who say this violates their rights to choice. 

The biggest concern about chocolate milk is that while it's delicious, the flavoured beverage has many more grams of sugar than it's plain white milk counterpart. 

On Twitter, some of those parents are sharing their thoughts saying that if other people don't want their kids to have chocolate milk then they don't have to buy it for them but that doesn't mean the school should take away their choices. 

But this issue is bigger than just parents and schools. The chocolate milk debate is so big that it's actually become an election issue in New Brunswick, where the ban was first put into place. 

The current Liberal government brought in the ban and now the Conservatives are making it an election promise to bring back chocolate milk. The leader even went so far as to film a campaign video of himself drinking a glass of it. 

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