Following the brutal snowstorm that walloped southern Ontario last week, a serious cold front is closing in on the region's major cities. In Toronto, the GTA and all of southern Ontario, temperatures will be in the minuses until Thursday and feel even colder.

Let's start with the Toronto area. The start of this week will be a cold one, feeling like -6°C and -7°C until Thursday. The high on Thursday will only be -5°C. The coldest it'll get is -12°C overnight on Wednesday. The city won't see positive digits until Friday - a whole 3°C. 

This is Toronto's 7-day forecast. The third column is what each day will feel like with the wind chill:

Via The Weather Network

Meanwhile, in northern cities like Aurora and Newmarket, Wednesday overnight will drop down to -16°C. Until Thursday, temperatures will feel like -9°C. Here's the current 7-day forecast for the Aurora region.

Via The Weather Network

In the Hamilton area, it's essentially the same story, only a bit colder than the GTA. Current forecasts indicate that the week will progressively feel colder until Friday, feeling like -5°C,  -8°C and -9°C Monday through Thursday.  Out in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, Thursday's high will feel like -11°C with the wind chill.

Ottawa will have it the worst, feeling like the minus double-digits two days this week. The high on Thursday will only be -8°C. Here's Ottawa's 7-day forecast:

Via The Weather Network

Across southern Ontario, snow flurries are in the forecast. Thankfully, though, we'll see a significant warmup at the end of this week and this weekend.  



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