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Dash Cam Footage Shows A Drunk Pickup Truck Driver Slamming Into A Pedestrian In B.C. (VIDEO)

The pedestrian was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.

Police in B.C. have released details about a horrific accident that happened at 11:30 AM on Sunday in a Surrey neighbourhood. A pickup truck driver in his mid-30s was under the influence of alcohol when he smashed into a female pedestrian crossing the street. 

Dash cam footage from a witness was just released online yesterday of the moment that pedestrian went flying across the road after being struck by the Dodge pickup. She was immediately rushed to the hospital with severe injuries to her upper body. 

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In the video, the truck comes flying through the intersection at full speed against the traffic light. The pedestrian was crossing at her designated time - she had the complete right of way. 

Just as she was reaching the sidewalk, the truck plows into her and tosses her several feet across the road. The truck slams to a stop and people rush to the woman's side to see if she's okay.

Via bramalea.rd

According to police, the driver tried to flee the scene. He accidentally backed into a car behind him trying to escape. 

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The driver is facing alcohol-related charges, and impaired driving causing bodily harm. The incident happened at 72 Avenue and 144 Street. The woman is expected to make a full recovery.

Source: CBC


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