Canada's reverse brain-drain isn't something particularly new or shocking to hear about. It's been years now that our top talent has been recruited by countries outside of Canada to come work, innovate, demonstrate their athletic prowess. In a society that has been known to cater to the boomer demographic it's not too surprising to hear that our up and coming talent is moving elsewhere for competitive opportunities. 

A recent report released by LinkedIn this year on the local workforce, showed that despite threats from Americans to move to Toronto during a Trump administration, Canadians are still heading South of the border in large rates.  

According to the report, there has been decent amount of outflow of local workers leaving Toronto to pursue careers elsewhere within the last year. The top 3 American cities gaining our homegrown talent are: 

  1. San Francisco - Bay Area 

  2. New York

  3. Los Angeles 

For every 10,000 LinkedIn members in Toronto, the city lost 1.34 members to San Francisco, 1.01 to New York, and 0.58 to Los Angeles. Not too much of a surprise when you think of the industries thriving in those geographic area. Most specifically the tech boom happening in San Francisco at the moment. 

However, in good news - migration of workers coming into Toronto to pursue top employment is still plentiful. 

Toronto is gaining the most talent from these amazing cities: 

  1. Montreal

  2. Mumbai, India 

  3. United Arab Emirates

Source: Linkedin, Huffington Post

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