As you’re likely aware, Canada and the United States are currently locked in a very tense negotiation over the future of NAFTA between the two countries.

One of the key people on the American side of the talks is Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of president Donald Trump.

The trade talks have been fraught with issues since they started, and today Kushner had a bit of trouble just getting to the talks because he literally got locked out of the building. Thankfully, the whole thing was caught on tape for us to laugh at. 

Via CBCKatie | Twitter

The video is beyond awkward. It begins with Kushner ignoring questions reporters yell at him as he walks up to the building and pulls on the door.

The door, much to Kushner’s surprise, doesn’t open. So he stands there doing nothing staring at it while a member of the Secret Service stands next to him.

For about 15 seconds Kushner just stares at the door, perhaps trying to will it to open with his mind. 

Via CBCKatie | Twitter

Meanwhile reporters, realizing he can’t get in, start barraging him with more questions.

Kushner ignores the questions and awkwardly tries to open the door again. Again, it does not budge.

Kushner, now does what everyone would do. He pulls out his phone and scrolls through it while facing the door. 

Via CBCKatie | Twitter

He eventually seems to realize the door isn’t going to open on its own and calls someone, a few seconds later someone opens the door from the inside. 

You can see the video below, it's awkward but hilarious.  

No matter how powerful you are, you can't win a fight with a locked door. 

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