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Doug Ford Just Made The Most Backhanded Comment About Justin Trudeau To Make Himself Look Better

He's blaming Justin Trudeau for the GM Oshawa closure.

It's only been a few days since GM announced they would be shutting down their plant in Oshawa and Doug Ford is already throwing shade. Despite saying he wouldn't blame the federal government for the closures, he is now doing just that. 

In comments made yesterday, Doug Ford threw major shade at Justin Trudeau. Even though he didn't name him directly, it's very clear who he is talking about here. 

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Ford basically told reporters on Wednesday that Justin Trudeau is to blame for the GM closure. He said "You can't campaign for a job-killing carbon tax on Monday, and sit around and wonder why manufacturing and automotive jobs are leaving on Tuesday."

He went on to say, "You can be for manufacturing jobs, or you can be for the carbon tax. But you can't be for both." While he doesn't name any names, it is very obvious that he is referring to Justin Trudeau's new carbon tax plan.

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The premier didn't stop there. He may not have named names in his first comments, but he did when he went on to say that he is the only one who really cares about the GM workers. He even called out the workers union president, Justin Trudeau, and Andrea Horwath directly. 

Ford said, "There is no one in this entire country, including Jerry Dias, including the prime minister, including the NDP leader, that has talked to more GM workers than I have." Then he contridicted himself a bit saying "I'm the only one that's fighting for them as all the others talk, talk, talk."

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Unlike Doug Ford, Justin Trudeau had a different approach to the closures. In a statement made in the House of Commons earlier this week, the Prime Minister actually told MPs that he would be working with Doug Ford on this. 

In his remarks he said, "We will be working together on this one in a way that is not political because we know that being there to support the workers in the region is what people expect of all of their orders of government."

Around 3000 jobs will be lost when GM closes its Oshawa plant next year. Despite Doug Ford's beliefs, the closure has nothing to do with a carbon tax and rather because GM is phasing out the car models manufactured there. 

Source: Huffington Post

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