Doug Ford is not winning any favour with the media lately. First, his party announced that they would be creating their own news channel called Ontario News Now. The service is completely run by the Conservatives and fully funded by taxpayer dollars which Ontarians are claiming reports all biased fake news. 

As if that wasn't bad enough, the Conservatives have developed a ridiculous tactic to dodge questions at press conferences and reporters are pissed. 

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One Queen's Park reporter tweeted recently that at almost every Conservative party press conference, staff members, who are paid with taxpayer dollars, are on hand and after a couple questions have been answered they clap on cue to drown out any more questions from reporters. 

The tweet also included a video from a recent press conference with Conservative MPP Lisa MacLeod where some of her staff members began clapping and the reporters in the room were not impressed. Colin D'mello, a CTV reporter actually stands up for the media and tells the staffers to stop while another person in the room yells "this isn't kindergarten." 

While Ontarians are especially not pleased with the fact that they are paying for Ford's online news service, they are also pretty unimpressed with how the party has been treating reporters. 

The tweet has been viewed over 100,000 times and Ontarians replying to the shocking situation are appalled by the fact that the Conservatives have been using this tactic. 

Many are demanding explanations from MacLeod as to why she got her staffers to do this, while others are applauding Colin D'mello for standing up for the press. Some Ontarians have tweeted that the media is there to inform them on what is happening at Queen's Park and they are livid that Doug Ford is silencing them. 

And of course, people are also outraged that they, the taxpayers, have been paying the salaries of these people just to have them stand around clapping. 

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As if the situation wasn't bad enough, the staffers can be seen at the end of the video smirking and drinking their coffee to avoid laughing as the reporters call them out. 

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