A new emoji has launched on Twitter to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, which is next April. Twitter has collaborated with Earth Day Network to create a new Earth Day emoji that emphasizes the importance of environmental sustainability.  The new Earth Day emoji will be available for the next 365 days, right until the 50th anniversary of Earth Day next April.

The emoji depicts the Earth being cradled between the palms of two hands, and will automatically pop up when Twitter users post any of the following hashtags: #EarthDay, #EarthRise, #ClimateAction, and #VoteEarth.

According to a press release by Earth Day Network, the emoji represents the launch of the partnership between the social media platform and the international environmental agency up to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the inaugural Earth Day.

People have taken to Twitter to comment on the new Earth Day emoji, and the comedic undertones of the posts have been priceless.  Let's just say Twitter users' overall impression of the new emoji is, well, less than positive.


The press release explains that the #EarthRise hashtag was inspired by the 1968 colour photo of the same name of Earth taken from the Apollo 8 spacecraft. Despite the hate, we must admit that the emoji they've designed is pretty cute.

The #VoteEarth hashtag also launched yesterday to mark the beginning of the Vote Earth campaign, which urges citizens, especially young and first-time voters, to scrutinize the environmental platforms of their candidates.  The campaign is to promote candidates with clear, ambitious, and convincing plans to protect our planet.

Saving the planet, one emoji and hashtag at a time.

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