The winter weather is quickly approaching in Canada and snow is finally upon us. While some areas of Ontario got snow this past weekend, Tuesday night is going to bring a heavy dusting of snow after flurries sweep through the province. 

While originally there were only supposed to be a few centimetres of snow, now Environment Canada is warning Canadians in Ontario that snow squalls could bring up to 20 centimetres of snow on Tuesday night. 

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Environment Canada has issued statements for Canadians in both northern and southern Ontario. Lake effect storms are going to bring heavy snowfall in various regions of the province. 

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The snow squall watch is only put in place when the environmental conditions are in favour of creating intense snowfall which will bring low to zero visibility when falling. The regions affected are expected to receive five centimetres of snow during the day on Tuesday and then up to 15 more centimetres overnight into Wednesday morning.

The following regions should expect between 10 to 15 centimetres of snow on Tuesday night: 

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The warning does state that driving during a squall can be hazardous as visibility can disappear quite quickly. If you need to be on the roads tonight, remember to be extra cautious if a whiteout occurs. 

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Now that the winter weather is finally upon us Canadians everywhere are groaning at the cold, snowy months ahead. Make sure you're prepared for the heavy snow Wednesday morning as wintery roads may make for a slower commute than normal. 

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