If you've already got a case of the Mondays then you're not going to be happy with the weather coming tomorrow. 

Environment Canada has issued a warning and special statement for Canadians living in southern Ontario for intense winds come Tuesday afternoon that will last until Wednesday morning.  The statements were released on Monday afternoon giving Ontarians 24 hours notice that potentially destructive winds are on their way this week. 

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Via Environment Canada

Multiple regions of the province are expected to be hit with winds travelling up to 90 kilometres per hour on Tuesday afternoon. The warnings issued by the Government does state that the strong winds that are expected will be powerful enough to cause damages to buildings and that loose objects could be tossed. 

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In the red zones on the map, Canadians should expect 90-kilometre winds to develop on Tuesday afternoon. If you reside in a grey zone of the map it means you should expect 80-kilometre winds making them slightly less powerful. 

Over the weekend over 100,000 Canadians were without power in the Atlantic provinces after a storm swept through. Numerous power lines were torn down and many trees fell after winds reached 90 kilometres in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island. 

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Be sure to prepare for the winds tomorrow if you're living in Ontario. That means tying down any loose objects you keep outside or bringing them indoors if possible. 

If you were thinking about putting up your Christmas decorations on Tuesday night, you are going to definitely want to rethink your plans. Luckily the wind is expected to die down on Wednesday morning.

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