On Thursday, August 23rd, YouTuber Trevor "McSkillet" Heitmann was the cause of a crash that killed himself and two others in San Diego, California. 

According to reports, the 18-year-old YouTuber, Trevor Heitmann, was driving his $200,000 black McLaren 650S sports car at 100 mph when the deadly crash occurred. It has been confirmed by the San Diego Coroner that Heitmann was driving in the wrong direction of traffic when he crashed his car into an SUV carrying 43-year-old mother Aileen Pizarro and 12-year-old daughter Aryana Pizarro. 

All three people involved died in the crash, the mother, daughter and the famous YouTuber. 

It's also been suggested by McSkillet's fans, that he was speeding and intended to crash by driving against traffic so that she could die by suicide. Fans believe that the YouTuber wanted to die by suicide after struggling with mental health. 

The YouTuber has almost 1 million subscribers. He's currently sitting at 880,035 subscribers. His channel was dedicated to gaming. Heitmann was also known as the "King Of Skins" for designing and selling custom gaming skins in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. 

He was banned from the game earlier this year due to a gambling scandal that involved his custom content. After he was banned from the game, he stopped posting on his YouTube channel. This also reportedly led to his depression. 

The latest video posted on his YouTube page was posted 5 months ago.

On the day of the deadly car crash, San Diego police confirmed that Heitmann was in another incident before he died. Witnesses confirmed that he allegedly drove his McLaren through the gate of Ashley Falls Elementary School. 

He apparently got out of his car, smashed a window in the school's building and then got back into his car and sped off. During the incident, witnesses said that they tried to slow him down by standing in front of the car and motioning for him to stop but it didn't stop him. They said that he kept accelerating and if they didn't move, they would've gotten run over. 

Source: CNN, Hollywood Life and Fox.

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