Facebook is interested in a lot more than just your face. The social platform has unofficially launched a pilot program to hopefully combat revenge porn and the innocent people affected by it through a program that requests users to send them nude photos. 

The company is working to remove the presence of revenge porn on its platform, and one of the questionable conditions of this new initiative is that it requires concerned users to submit nude photos of themselves to Facebook through its Messenger app. 

According to reports, Facebook will then store your image as a preventative measure. If the photo you have shared with them is somehow shared by someone attempting to seek "revenge porn" on Facebook, the platform's advanced technology will supposedly recognize the image and remove it from their platform. 

If a Facebook user is concerned that an intimate photo of themselves is being distributed online or through Facebook, they can fill out a form and send the image in question to Facebook. 

As of now, the pilot program to combat revenge porn is only available in Canada, US, UK and Australia. And although the details and confirmations from Facebook are vague, they did release a detailed plan of how revenge porn would be combatted back in April that included an artificial intelligence tool capable of matching nude or intimate photos. 

Source: USA Today 

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