Students at McGill University in Montreal are getting increasingly upset over the school's lack of response to the "abusive" and sexually inappropriate behaviour of several different professors. 

Connor Spencer, a Vice President at McGill's Students Society, says that five professors in the Faculty of Arts are known to sleep with and be in "abusive relationships" with their students.

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Spencer claims that department heads have known about the abuse for at least five years and have done nothing about it, despite receiving many complaints from students. "Everyone's aware of where the problems are, and no one's doing anything to address it, year after year," she says.

But, it isn't necessarily their fault. Spencer explains that department heads don't have much power to follow up on student complaints. The system is set up to "dissuade" students from taking action.

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Spencer says, "I've been in rooms with high level administration where it's been very clear that they all know who these professors are, and they're not doing anything. It's frankly horrifying."

Today, McGill's communications officer responded by saying that the school "takes these matters very seriously," and that every report of "predatory behaviour" is investigated. More details are said to be released at a news conference tomorrow.

Source: CBC

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