Ford is recalling thousands of cars across North America. Specifically, Ford Canada is recalling almost 37,000 cars in Canada over a defect that could cause accidents resulting in serious injury and even death. 

Ford issued the recall on Wednesday on selected Ford Fusions models from 2013-2016 and selected Ford Escape models from 2013-2014. The recall will replace the defective "shifter cable bushings". The shifter cable bushings allow drivers to put their vehicle in park, even though the transmission might still be in another gear. 

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The issue with the shifter cable bushing is that the defective car part has caused vehicles to "roll away" without warning after drivers believe that their cars were fully parked.

This can be extremely dangerous and can cause death. If the vehicle rolls away unexpectedly, the heavy vehicle could easily injure small children, the elderly and even adults. 

Ford has stated that they will replace the shifter cable bushing at zero cost and they are recommending that drivers use the vehicle's parking brake. They've also stated that they don't know of any related crashed or injuries.

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A few years ago, Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin died in a similar circumstance. Even though it wasn't the "shifter cable bushing", his Jeep Grand Cherokee had been recalled because of a "new electronic gearshift" that made it difficult to indicate if the car was in park, drive or reverse. This issue caused the defective vehicles to roll away unexpectedly. 

After Yelchin thought that his car was in park, it suddenly rolled down his driveway, while he was supposedly closing his gate. The car rolled down the driveway and pinned him against the gate to his house. He ultimately died during the incident. 

Source: Global News, The Guardian

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