Headlines across the world have been focused on the Thai soccer team of young boys that have been stuck in a dangerous cave for more than two weeks. 

As you may know, the team of 12 boys and their coach were found in the cave but due to flooding and the intricacy of the cave, rescuers were not able to safely retrieve the boys in the past two weeks. 

The boys and their coach became stranded after they went exploring into the cave after a practice game on June 23rd. Due to flooding from the monsoon, they were unable to exit the cave, and rescuers couldn't find them for almost 10 days! 

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The Thai soccer players and their coach have been waiting in the dangerous cave for days hoping that officials would be able to save them. In the meantime, food, electrolyte drinks, water, medicine and oxygen canisters have been delivered to the soccer team. Their oxygen levels were the main concern for rescuers, so they delivered oxygen tanks to them. 

Since then, professionals, experts and officials have been creating a plan to safely retrieve the soccer team. 

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CTV News just reported that rescuers in northern Thailand were able to safely extract four members of the soccer team on Sunday. Expert divers were prepared to go into the caves and rescue the boys and their coach. The mission to have them dive out of the flooded cave began on Sunday morning, with experts entering the complex cave during the mission.

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The operation to rescue the boys was conducted by Thai Navy SEALs. Just before 8 PM, the Navy SEALs reported on their official Facebook page that four people had been safely rescued.

The head of the operation, Narongsak stated at a news conference that "The operation went much better than expected." He also stated that the next phase would start in about 10-20 hours.

The entire operation to rescue all 13 people in the cave could last two to four days depending on the weather and water conditions. 

The story is still developing as the officials attempt to rescue the rest of the soccer team. 


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