Georgia Police Respond To The False Arrest Of A Woman Who Drove In The U.S. With A Canadian License

Better late than never...

So as you likely all heard earlier this week a woman from Ontario named Emily Nield was handcuffed, arrested and charged in Georgia for ‘driving without a licence’ even though she clearly had her Ontario drivers license with her. 

The story made headlines not just in Canada, but around the world for the complete absurdity of it all.   

Well now the state of Georgia is trying to make amends as best it can for the whole situation.  

Firstly, and most would probably say rightly, the court is taking steps to completely wipe all record of her arrest from its files as quickly as possible.   

Via Emily Nield

The county she was arrested in also released a statement saying, “Cook County officials assured Canadian travellers that Georgia is open for business, their citizens would be treated with respect, due process would be afforded to its citizens, and any non-citizen who is arrested would be able to contact their regional consulate.”  

Nield claims that while in custody she was told that she would have to pay $880 US in order to be set free on bond.   


If that claim is true then that was an illegal for the police to ask of her. 

“Georgia law states that any individual who is arrested on a non-warrant is entitled to a first appearance hearing to be advised of their rights and bond within 48 hours of arrest,” A statement from the Cook County Sheriff’s Office says.   

So at least the people involved know that they made a mistake in not accepting the Ontario license, and in this case are acknowledging and fixing the whole situation.

Source: CBC

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