Hamilton Is Getting Their Own "Toronto" Sign

Stop - Hammer time.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right? ... Right? Well, apparently, the city of Hamilton is really, really into the lettered Toronto sign down at Nathan Philip's Square - because they're ready to make their own outside of Hamilton's City Hall. 

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The sign will sit about 7ft high, 66ft long, and cost about $250,000 to complete. The bill's already been taken care of by a private donor, but that hasn't stopped Hammer town residents from putting their two cents in. When Ottawa copied the Toronto sign for Canada's 150, the nation seemed a lot more forgiving. Many Hamilton residents would rather have something more unique. 

Residents are wishing that the sign was a bit more "Hamilton" as the city's been praised for their big art and music communities. The Hamilton sign will have light up, hollow letters "ideal for selfies" states city council. While the sign is getting a lot of online flack, city council has voted unanimously for construction to start up. 

Source: CBC 

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