If you're still in bed and you've been hiding under your blanket all morning, you may not know that there is a gigantic slew of marches happening across North America today.

The "March For Our Lives" protests are taking place today all over Canada and the United States, urging politicians and cabinet members to enforce stricter gun laws in hopes of ending gun violence in the United States.

It was only natural that influencers, celebrities, actors and actresses would use their influence to join the marches and spread the word. There are dozens of celebrities that are performing, speaking and marching at the "March For Our Lives" protests today.

Here are all of your favourite celebs that are participating in the march.

Miley Cyrus

@mileycyrusembedded via  

Demi Lovato

@delenaticembedded via  

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Ariana Grande

@grandedataembedded via  

Kim Kardashian

@kkwbrasilembedded via  

Kanye West And North West 

@nandobrazzilembedded via  

Kourtney Kardashian

@kourtneykardashembedded via  

Via kourtneykardashian

Amy Schumer

@theeskimosistersembedded via  

Jennifer Hudson

@teamjhud_embedded via  

@iamjhudembedded via  


@toomuchinfo___embedded via  


Connie Britton

@conniebrittonembedded via  

@conniebrittonembedded via  

Paul McCartney

@the.cosmic.empireembedded via  

Julianne Moore

@juliannemooreembedded via  

Ben Platt

@bensplattembedded via  

Noah Cyrus

@mileycyrusembedded via  

As a bonus, here's a video of Ariana Grande singing "Be Alright" at the March in D.C. 

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