Being a member of Aeroplan can get you cheap seats on planes with airlines that are partnered with it.

And recently 3 airlines have all signed deals with the company to bring you cheap flights in the future.

So, take this as your handy little cheat sheet when choosing which airline to fly on. 

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Just today Aeroplan announced that it now has a deal with 2 new airlines in place, one of which is already a budget airline so you can get tons of savings!

The airlines are Air Transat, which has been around for quite some time, and Flair Airlines, which is one of the newer budget airlines.

Flair offers a no-frills approach to travelling, essentially giving you a seat and allowing you to bring a small bag as a way of keeping its costs down. 

Aeroplan also recently announced a deal with Porter Airlines, which is based out of Toronto’s Billy Bishop airport on the Toronto Islands.

Unfortunately, you won’t actually be able to use Aeroplan points on this airlines for over a year. Currently, Aeroplan is still locked into a deal with Air Canada.

The points rewards company has been looking for new partners though as the deal expires in 2020. 

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But still, think of how much easier it will be to fly when you have multiple airlines to choose from with Aeroplan. 


Source: Financial Post

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