A Toronto woman was flying on Air Canada with her four-year-old son on April 21st when the incident occurred. Heather Morton and her son were kicked off of the flight after the mother inquired about why she couldn't be seated on the flight with her toddler. 

Heather purchased business class seats as opposed to her regular economy seats, as a treat for her son. 

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Reports say that the pair were ticketed and originally assigned to sit in adjacent seats in the seventh row of the cabin. She told Global News that "Nothing indicated that there was a problem with him sitting beside me." Air Canada's reservation system permits side-by-side seating.

Just before the flight, she was told that the seating arrangement couldn't be accommodated. An Air Canada representative told her she would have to sit behind her son for safety reasons, for safety reasons. Heather then asked if she could see the policy to prove that this policy existed, but they denied her. 

When they boarded the flight, Heather asked again for the staff to explain the policy. She explained that if she couldn't see her son in the large seat pod in front of her, it would be hard to feed the toddler and generally take care of him during the flight. 

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Heather claims that she remained calm and respectful and that she didn't raise her voice once when asking these questions. When they were seated, the captain suddenly emerged and said "You're going to have to get off of the plane" and another crew member said, "You don't have the right to question policy." 

Air Canada is adamant that in business class, a minor is required to sit in front of their guardian in the case that someone needs to apply an oxygen mask to the minor. 

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After leaving the plane, Morton says she was not offered seats on the next flight. She resorted to purchasing two Air Canada tickets for 3000 euros. 

She explains that she followed Air Canada's policy and say behind her son. She got up to assist him about 15 times. She explains that if she had been told about the seating requirement earlier, she would've purchased less expensive economy tickets for the trip so she could sit beside him. 

Source: Global News

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