Whether you drive or not you’re probably aware that there is some sort of difference in price between men and women when it comes to car insurance.

Things can be so dramatically different, that one man in Alberta legally changed his gender to female to save a bunch of money each year.

W,ell now we have a better idea of how much more (or less) each gender is paying for insurance these days. 

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According to a report looking at car insurance rates in Alberta, Ontario and Atlantic Canada, there definitely is some sort of difference in price between the genders.

Typically men pay more because they’re seen as more aggressive drivers on average and therefore more likely to get into a crash.

But in Ontario, the average cost of insurance for men is going down and rising for women. Men in the province are paying 0.17% less now than they did around this time in 2017. 

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Women, on the other hand, are paying 2.50% more than they did last year. 

In Alberta, though things are looking much worse for both genders, with men paying 6.67% more and women 5.99% more.

Atlantic Canada also shows that both genders are paying more for their insurance, but not anywhere near the increase Alberta has seen. 

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Men are paying only 1.95% more and women 0.42% more. 

The most common reason for insurance rates to go up is for the insurance company to have to handle more claims.

So even if you haven’t done anything wrong if a bunch of other people using the same company as you have your rate will likely go up too.

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