We all know someone who is obsessed with the idea of winning the lottery. They have a set of lucky numbers, play religiously every draw, and wait anxiously to see if this week is the one to make all their dreams come true. Well for all your out there waiting to collect your millions, you have one more chance to strike it big in one of the largest lottery draws to date. 

Today and today only is your last chance to take part in the Lotto 247 Powerball lottery draws for $700 million US, the second largest jackpot in Powerball history.  When converted to Canadian dollars it equals the insane amount of $879.7 million dollars. 

So how can you play? Well, instead of taking a drive across the border or phoning an Amercian pal to pick you up a ticket, you can actually just buy your very own ticket online. 

There's a website called The Lotter that will allow you to select your lucky numbers and pay for your ticket online. Then they step in and do all the work of going to purchase your ticket within the USA for you. You are sent a scanned copy of your ticket before the draw and the site has no claim to your ticket whatsoever, so you know that there's no funny business happening. 

The very best part of this all is that, in the event that you win, The Lotter promises to send you an email or text notification of the good news and pay for your flight out to the US to collect your earnings in person. 

Now don't get too excited, because if you do happen to win the $700 million, you will be subjected to paying taxes on the money since you're bringing it in from The States. According to the Government of Canada:

In most cases, you have to pay regular duty and taxes on prizes and awards you receive outside Canada. Prizes can be declared as part of your personal exemption and duty and taxes must be paid on any excess amount.

And for $700 million USD we're thinking that the taxes will probably be high AF. 

So for anyone out there paying the Powerball today, good luck and remember me if you win!

Source: Global News

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