Yesterday the senate officially voted to pass the Canadian governments marijuana bill paving the way for pot to be sold in stores this year.

This of course has led to the obvious question, when exactly will these store be opened to the public?

Well today we have learned the official date.

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You’ll officially be able to buy pot on October 17.

Until that date it will still be illegal to possess and ingest marijuana in any form in Canada.

The date has been chosen so as to give provinces, territories, municipalities, police forces, and other stakeholders as much time as possible to prepare for it.

Many police forces, for example, need to figure out everything around how to spot and prosecute people who drive while under the influence of marijuana.

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Once it is sold in stores it will be legal for Canadian adults to purchase, legally possess and use small amounts of recreational cannabis. Canadians will also be able to grow up to 4 plants at home.

By officially legalizing marijuana it fulfils a big promise the prime minister made back when he was campaigning for office.

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The exact rules for marijuana legalization will not be the same everywhere each province has its own procedures for the selling of marijuana, or whether or not you can grow any plants at home.

But on October 17 you will be able to at long last purchase and use marijuana legally in Canada.

Source: CTV

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