We've all known for quite some time now that Marijuana legalization is coming to Canada and it looks like the government is now beginning to put the finishing touches on it's plan for how it will be sold. 

Today Health Canada released some mockups for what could be the packaging you'll see in stores when its legal to buy the product. 

So what kind of packaging can you expect to see when you're able to buy Marijuana legally?   

Spoiler Alert: If you're hoping for something flashy you'll be sorely disappointed.  

Health Canada has revealed what they're calling 'plain packaging' for Marijuana products to to sold in stores. 

And when we say plain, we mean PLAIN. White background, a giant warning label and a space for the brand name on the front is all there is really. 

And on the back just some basic product description stuff.   

All cannabis products will have to include a clear symbol (see above tweet) showing that the contains of the bag are cannabis related.   

You can see a close up of what warning label looks like below, as well as some idea of what the back will look like as well.  

@mcrciembedded via  

On top of that Health Canada is also showing off how big they think stores selling the product should be in the most Canadian way possible.

By showing it in relation to the size of a hockey rink.  

So if you were hoping for flashy colours and a wide variety of symbols like we're used to seeing on beer you'll be disappointed.  

But most people would probably say that in this case it's what's inside the bag that counts. 

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