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Here's Why The 10GB For $60 Cell Phone Plans Won't Likely Happen Again

Sad news for those who didn't get in on the savings.

It was only 2 months ago that Canada's top wireless phone providers entered the price wars to end all price wars that had many Canadians jumping ship from their current cell provider to qualify for the promo. The deal was 10GB of data for only $60 and all the major providers along with a few of the smaller ones were offering it up on a silver platter. 

From the quarterly stats, the company who benefited the most from the outrageous deal was Bell with 175,000 new members added. Then Telus, with 121,000 subscribers and lastly Rogers, who only gained 72,000 due to issues with their system. Freedom Mobile -who started the pricing war, did not disclosed their numbers for that time period. 

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However now that the dust has had a chance to settle, analysts have had a opportunity to see what this massive sale did for each companies bottom line. The news is, that it was “more costly than expected” due to the fact that "a significant chunk of customers gained a much lower-than-usual monthly rate."

This has made analysts believe that Canadians won't be offered this special promo pricing again anytime soon. 

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So if you didn't get in on the deal back in December, it looks like you sadly won't get another chance to get in on the savings. However these are all just predictions from industry analysts so who knows what's up each wireless providers sleeves when it comes to future promos. 

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