Hotels are expensive. Whether you're having a weekend getaway, a two-week holiday or are going all out with a gap year, it's hard to find accommodation that's affordable.

With rooms averaging about $100 for the bare-minimum, we're often confined to a select few no-frills hotels that won't break the bank. But if you're considering travelling somewhere soon, you may be in luck. A lot of luck. is currently having a mega deal, so if you're looking for a nice hotel but don't want to pay the luxury price tag for it, you'll probably want to get in on this.

The booking website is currently giving away hotel rooms for up to 50% off. The deal spans 13 countries across three different continents including Europe, North America and Asia and is good on 40,000 hotels. 

Countries included in the deal are France, Canada, the US, United Arab Emirates, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

You'll find the best deals in Cancun, Mexico, where current prices on luxury resorts are slashed significantly. 

Like every other deal, has put in some sneaky terms and conditions that may apply depending on the room and location: Minimum night stays, rooms subject to availability, taxes not included and blackout dates. So of course, make sure you check your dates and rates before booking.

Click here for's crazy price slashes.

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