A new report by Accuweather outlines possible scenarios where Hurricane Jose will have an impact on Atlantic Canada next week.

Jose has been reduced to a Category 1 hurricane from a Category 4 over the past few days, and is currently sitting 500 miles northeast of the Bahamas. Accuweather's current models show Jose tracking between Bermuda and the eastern coast of the U.S., generating high seas and strong winds as it moves along.

While Jose is not expected to hit any landmass in the near future, meteorologists caution Canadians in the east to prepare for strong currents.

"Rough surf will persist from Florida to Massachusetts through the weekend. Nova Scotia could face building seas early next week," says hurricane expert Dan Kottlowski.

As for where Jose could be headed next week, Kottlowski presents three possible scenarios:

1. Jose could be swept out to sea by an easterly-moving weather system, causing it to pass between Bermuda, the Northeast coast, and Atlantic Canada. The biggest danger in this case would be rougher seas that could affect cruise and shipping interests.

2. Jose could be brought out farther west before it meets the easterly-moving weather system, bringing clouds, strong gusts and heavy rain to the mid-Atlantic and eventually Atlantic Canada.

3. The storm could stall in the Northeast coast for an unknown period of time.

Though Jose is moving away from land in all three scenarios, the violent weather conditions could cause flooding, high tides and erosion along the coast.

Source: Accuweather


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