As hurricane season continues to rock the Western Hemisphere, another category five storm is set to make landfall tomorrow. Hurricane Willa is gunning for Mexico and experts are warning it's going to be an extremely dangerous storm.

While Mexico will see the brunt of Hurricane Willa, other parts of North America are expected to be impacted as well. The storm is expected to have a 7-10 day run going through Mexico, the US and eventually coming to Canada later this week.

Stemming from the southwest coast of Mexico, the storm has strengthened into a life-threatening Category Five in just 48 hours. It is expected to bring torrential rains and major flooding to the area. Potential risks include flash floods and landslides.

Once inland, Willa is expected to weaken. However, the storm will still bring heavy rains to the southern US. An area of particular concerning is Texas which is already flooded in some areas.

A jet stream which will mix cold Canadian air with tropical moisture will eventually have the storm's strength picking back up again. That's when it will start coming for the east coast, likely hitting Canada by this weekend.

Parts of Ontario and western Quebec are expected to see Willa in the form of a winter storm. Accumulating snowfall could be experienced beginning late Saturday, October 27th and going into Sunday, October 28th.

Atlantic Canada is also going to see Willa, the storm will be felt with high winds and heavy rains but mild temperatures.

The Government of Canada is currently warning Canadians against any travel to the southwest coast of Mexico. They're also advising Canadians who are there to register abroad so that they can be reached in the event of an emergency.

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Source: BBC, The Weather Network

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