Last month, IHOP aka The International House of Pancakes announced that it was changing its name from IHOP to IHOB. Yes, they stated that they were done with pancakes and they were going to become the International House of Burgers. 

Naturally, customers were pissed. No one could understand why IHOP would change their entire branding just for some silly burgers. The chain restaurant has always been known for their fluffy pancakes, why would they change their identity now?

@ihopembedded via  

@ihopembedded via  

Even Wendy's threw shade at IHOP for changing their identity. They got involved in a burger war via Twitter after IHOP tried to take over their turf. Customers were outraged that IHOP would dare to try and change their signature persona.

Well, to our surprise, IHOP just admitted that the whole thing was a publicity stunt. They were lying the entire time! They didn't want to change their name, they just wanted to generate news about their new burgers. Wow. 

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Well, customers feel betrayed and they're not letting IHOP off the hook. 

Some people were just straight up pissed. 

Some customers don't even believe that it was a publicity stunt - they actually think that they were upset over the heavy backlash so they decided to make up a story about how the whole name change was planned. 

And some people get that it was a joke, but since it's not funny, they just want the whole thing to be over. 

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