And just when you thought things couldn't get more serious between you and your significant (furry) other, IKEA will now make it possible for you to take your relationship to the next level. That's right, you and your furry companion can now buy furniture together, taking your relationship from housemates to full-on partners making design and furniture choices together. Aw!!! 

By recognizing that your furry companion is probably the most important member of your family, IKEA created their new, comprehensive LURVIG line (lurvig means "shaggy" in Swedish btw), created by their pet-loving IKEA designers with the help and advisement of veterinarians. The line will be released to stores across North America over the next month. 

Anyone with a four-legged companion knows how long overdue this is. Scrummaging through the sale piles of Petsmart or Walmart for a semi-cute dog bed is anxiety-inducing for the human-half of this till-death-do-us-part partnership. You're worried about the colour and style ("does it go with the new couch and carpet my mom bought me?"), but most concerning for us is the overpriced bullsh*t we end up buying that lacks the style, elegance, and playfulness that your refined dog or cat rightfully deserves. 

From a cat-house on legs to dog/cat beds, to scratching mats, travel bags, leashes, and feeding bowls, this line legit has everything you and your pet will need to make your house feel like home. And the colour scheme and style choices are so on brand with IKEA's overall aesthetic - super minimalist and gender-neutral which we love. 

Another huge perk is that their new line is relatively cheap and infinitely more adorable than most of the pet products that you can find elsewhere, which often resemble something that should be given to an infant child rather than your sophisticated pet. 

The downside? We all know how ridiculous assembling IKEA furniture can be, so don't count on your dog or cat with their non-opposable thumbs to be of any help to the construction process. Call a friend for backup on this one guys. 

You can check out the entire LURVING line here

SourceIKEA, Global News 


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