Snickers ought to feature Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the chocolate bar's next "You're not you when you're hungry" advertising campaign because just like the rest of us, even political leaders get hangry. Conservative MP Scott Reid publicly called out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for eating during Wednesday night's seemingly never-ending voting session in the House of Commons.

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The session - which had the potential to last a whopping 40 hours - led some Liberal party members to actually set up cots outside the chamber in preparation.

Reid announced to the room, "We all know that the rules of this House do not permit us to eat in this place and I can’t help but observe that during the last vote a number of people were eating in their seats including the minister of defense, the minister of Canadian heritage, and the prime minister who appeared to be hiding a bagel in his desk."

According to the House’s Rules of Decorum, members are allowed to "refresh themselves with glasses of water during debate, but the consumption of any other beverage or food is not allowed."

Reid rubbed some extra salt in Trudeau's wound when he stated, "Mr. Speaker, the prime minister has already stained this place with corruption, he does not need to stain it with mustard as well."

Of course, Reid was making a point to reference the ongoing SNC-Lavalin scandal that continues to cast a shadow on Trudeau's Liberal government even a month after the case had surfaced to the public. 

The SNC-Lavalin case was, in fact, responsible for Members of Parliament gathering in the House of Commons on Wednesday night.  The Liberal majority rejected a Conservative motion which directed Trudeau to permit former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould to testify about the scandal once again.

Trudeau wasn't afraid to address the accusation.  But not before correcting Reid first.

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"Indeed Mr. Speaker, I apologize. It was a chocolate bar and I apologize," Trudeau declared, while his party members silently chuckled in the background.

Since the news surrounding Trudeau and his beloved hidden chocolate bar broke out, folks on social media have not been able to keep quiet.  Countless Twitter users have commented on the incident as though it's a big joke, affirming that Trudeau's "chocolate bar" drama is nothing but a mere overreaction.

However, some have chosen to analyze the event a bit more critically, denouncing Trudeau for repeatedly "snubbing the rules."

It seems that Justin Trudeau has been doing a lot of apologizing for his actions lately. In this particular case, I think most of us will be able to forgive him. 

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