For anyone who hasn't been keeping up with everything happening in North Korea, here's what you need to know. Kim Jong Un, the current North Korean Supreme Leader has been spending a lot of time and energy in ramping up his missile launch program in an attempt to perfect accuracy and range.

Since February, the Korean dictator has launched 21 missiles. To put that into perspective, in his short time as leader (only 6 years) he's tested more missiles than his father and grandfather did in their combined reign. 

Many believe that Kim Jong Un's sudden interest in the missile program has to do with political issues happening in South Korea, that resulted in the former president being impeached for alleged corruption and a new president being elected. Others speculate that it could be in an effort to find a missile capable of reaching the USA from Korea. 

Leaders and citizens globally have been worried about what North Korea's interest in missile launching could mean for the world. One of the many speaking out against allowing North Korea to continue this nuclear missile program is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

In a public statement made on the Prime Minister's website, Trudeau said, “Canada unequivocally condemns North Korea’s‎ nuclear test of September 3 which... represents a clear and present threat to the safety and security of its neighbours and the international community."

To give a little context, earlier that day North Korea announced it had detonated its 6th and most powerful nuclear test so far, which the country’s government called a “perfect success.”

Further in his statement, Trudeau called out the leadership in North Korea and said that their actions only served to further isolate them from everyone else. However he did ask the North Korean leaders to put down their weapons and open a productive dialogue to help find a solution. 

Trudeau urged the UN Security Council to take more action against North Korea, and asked that "[We] call on all states to fully implement relevant UN sanctions." 

He ended by stating, "We will continue to work with key regional partners – including the United States, South Korea and Japan – as well as the broader international community, to counter the North Korean threat.”

Trudeau hasn't given any concrete information on how Canada will be involved in actions taken against Kim Jong Un and North Korea, however we do know that Canada as a whole will be involved in the discussions around how to handle the current nuclear threat. 

Sources: Justin Trudeau PM of Canada & CNN

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