On Saturday, a tsunami hit the coastline of West Java and Sumatra, Indonesia killing at least 222 people. The tsunami, without warning, devasted Indonesia by wrecking homes, businesses and killing hundreds of civilians. As the world heard the news, videos and images from the deadly natural disaster have been appearing online all morning.

This morning, after the devastation, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau formally addressed the situation via twitter. Only minutes ago, Trudeau gave his condolences in a tweet that states that the Canadian Government is ready to help the citizens of Indonesia if needed.

In the tweet, Trudeau states, “A very shocking and tragic situation in Indonesia- today we send condolences to everyone affected by the tsunami that caused to much devastation on the Sunda Strait. Canadians’ thoughts are with you & our government is ready to offer assistance if needed,”.

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According to the head of public relations at Indonesia’s National Disaster Mitigation Agency, there was no warning before the waves struck and since then 843 people have been declared injured and 28 are still unaccounted for.

The tsunami was triggered by underwater landslides that were caused by the eruption of the Krakatoa volcano. The waves caused a stage to collapse in a beach resort where the popular pop band Seventeen was playing. Since then, one band memeber and the manager has been confirmed dead.

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The tsunami has also destroyed 558 houses, and damaged multiple hotels, restaurants and boats. While the tsunami was said to hit both residential and tourist areas, as of the moment no Canadians have been harmed.

Red Cross teams are currently doing everything they can to help the those in need, by brining basic household items, clean water and equipment to help clear away the debris. 


*Disclaimer: The cover image was used for illustrative purposes only.

Source: CNN, Global News

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