As Canadians we might like to keep up our 'polite' personas, but our own Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems to have taken it further than usual. It all started when he appeared on CNN back on March 12th for an interview with Anderson Cooper about the whole trade debacle plaguing the world of politics.

@justinpjtrudeauembedded via

As a guest on "Anderson Cooper 360," Trudeau was asked by Cooper "when the president gives you his word... do you have full confidence that he will stick by that?" Expecting a negative if not neutral response, considering CNN and their connected shows are known for using every opportunity to shade their president, Cooper was stunned to when Trudeau responded with: "he always had with me."

It's no secret that Donald Trump is a wild card to say the least, so Trudeau's confidence in the president was definitely interesting for both Canadian and American viewers to see:

You can catch the interview by clicking the video above, but otherwise, what do you think? Was Trudeau too soft given the opportunity to separate himself from such a controversial figure or is this a smart move in order to keep trade negotiations in Canada's favour?

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