With our American neighbours across the border using apps such as PostMates and Amazon to get their groceries in a faster and more convenient way, Canadian grocery stores have been on the hunt for the latest advances in technology to enhance their services. It seems that Loblaws is the grocery provider that has finally found a new way for Canadians to shop more conveniently with the help of some tech. 

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The idea is all a part of Loblaws' attempt to enhance their self-checkout section by incorporating a new technology called "shop and scan." Meaning you won't be stuck in long check out lines anymore if the app proves to be a success. 

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How it works is simple - you download the PC Express app onto your phone and connect to your local grocery store's free WiFi. From there, you scan each of the items you place in your cart throughout your shopping trip and at the end, the app creates a barcode that you scan at the special self check-out kiosks designated for app users. 

The idea sounds similar to Amazon's grocery store, 'Amazon Go' but is a little less advanced, considering Amazon's technology doesn't even require you to scan anything. Though, like 'Amazon Go', Loblaws representatives claim that in the future they are hoping to implement an in-app payment feature so customers don't even have to go to a check out kiosk at the end of their trip. 

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It definitely sounds more convenient than the standard experience you would get at a grocery store, and while you may think this could harm the jobs of current cashiers, Loblaws representatives claim that they don't believe the program will result in the loss of anyone's job. 

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If you are excited to try it for yourself, you won't have to wait too long depending on which Loblaws location you shop at. The new app is expected to be tested in 8 different stores starting this upcoming Thursday with five grocery stores located in the GTA as well as three other locations in the region in the following weeks.   

Source: CBC News 

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