With the start of 2019 comes news that Health Canada will soon be releasing a brand new food guide. While the government-backed recommendations for daily food intake aren't absolutely mandatory, the guide definitely has an influence on the dietary choices Canadians make. Though the influence of the guide was called into question after new information was released that a lot of Canadians seemingly did not want to hear regarding one major food group.

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That food group was none other than the controversial dairy category. Dairy has been a hot topic in the past few years, especially with many questioning its health benefits. So when the new food guide only recommended a small amount of daily dairy intake and a diet more focused on greens, people were quick to share their feelings on it. 

When the news was first announced, many Canadians shared their disapproval online, claiming the new updates were a step in the wrong direction: 

What was especially interesting about the response though was when the Toronto Star conducted a poll on the situation. They asked Canadians whether they even consider the food guide when it comes to their diet, and the results were quite shocking:

Not only do the majority of Canadians who took the survey not follow the guide, but they actually believe it's not accurate in the first place. The poll alone showed that over 9,000 people don't use the food guide at all, a sign that the food guide's influence is slipping dramatically. 

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Though at the end of the day, it seems there are as many Canadians in favour of the new changes as there are people who are against it. Meaning more people believing in the food guide as a result of the changes aligning with their own personal diet choices. Many Canadians who approve of the new guide were quick to share their praise and excitement on a new chapter for the government standard when it comes to a proper diet: 

Ultimately, what Canadians decide to eat on a daily basis is up to them. It's definitely a divisive topic, to say the least, but considering Canadian's waning interest when it comes to the food guide, it's clear they wanted to make a big impact this year in efforts to earn back their influence.  

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