With over 1,400 locations across Canada, McDonald's is one of the most popular fast food joints in the country. If you're a fast food fan, McDonald's is home to some of the tastiest and cheapest options in Canada. Now, thanks to a brand new McPicks menu launched by the chain, it is also one of the cheapest. McDonald's Canada just unveiled a new value menu, called the McPicks menu, and everything on it is $2. 

The items on the McPicks menu aren't new to the chain, per se. In fact, the menu features some McDonald's classics, but grouping them into this convenient and low-cost menu is a new branding move by McDonald's. 

The new menu includes six different items so far. These are the McDouble burger, Junior Chicken, Sausage McMuffin, small fries, and dessert items like a vanilla ice cream cone, and their baked apple pies. All of them are under $2 before taxes. 

While these are the only items listed on the menu on their website, the chain also still has other low-cost items like their basic hamburgers and cheeseburgers, which are also both under $2 before taxes. 

Even though the items themselves haven't necessarily changed, some of the prices might have. For example, since it's on the new McPicks menu the McDouble clearly costs less than $2 but on their mobile app, McDonald's has it listed at $2.24. 

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This is the first time McDonald's has unveiled a dedicated menu with items priced at less than $2 in Canada. In the US, however, they have been enjoying their version of the McPicks menu for a year now. 

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Last year, McDonald's in the US launched their $1, $2, $3 menu across the country. That menu included multiple items priced between $1-3. That menu includes Sausage McGriddles, sausage burritos, triple cheeseburgers, McChickens, any size soft drink, and their happy meals. 

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McDonalds' newest menu isn't the only price cutting the chain is doing lately. They also recently released their coupons for the beginning of 2019 which include two can dine for $11.78 deals, one can dine for $6.28, and even a 20-piece McNuggets meal deal. The coupons are good until February 3rd, 2019. 

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