Last week there was the risk that a Tornado was going to touch down somewhere in the southern half of Ontario due to a massive storm.

Thankfully, nothing actually happened and there was no tornado activity at all in the province last week.

That is not the case this week, with multiple videos appearing online showing what appears to be small tornados touching down in the province.  

The tornado in the video above was apparently spotted in Guthrie, just north of Barrie, Ontario where several tornadoes were spotted throughout the evening yesterday. 

Someone also saw and filmed a tornado in the area of Barrie last night before posting it on social media. 

It's hard to tell whether or not both videos are of the same tornado, but the footage is very intense.

Someone else managed to capture an image of a tornado in the Barrie area yesterday. According to their tweet, they actually followed the tornado - something we don't recommend anyone do. 

Once again, we can't tell if these are all different tornadoes or the same one seen multiple times by different people. The tweets say that "there may have in fact been two tornadoes here," but we don't know for sure.

But if it is the same one as the others then it looks quite menacing here. 

There's also another video of a tornado in the province, right behind someone's house. 

The poster of this tweet doesn't say where it was so we can't give you an idea of where this happened. 

But it looks very frightening.  

Of course, it doesn't seem that everyone near a tornado yesterday was as scared as we would have been. At least one person's father just took the whole thing in stride.

Clearly, some people just aren't scared of anything.

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