As we’re sure you’re aware, Canada and the United States have been trying to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) for quite some time now.

Last week, president Donald Trump imposed a deadline which was not met, after it was reported that Trump wanted to be “insulting” to Canada with his position on the agreement, and Canadian negotiators were unable to make a deal.

Now, it seems that there’s large percentage of Americans that would support a NAFTA deal without Canada entirely.

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An astounding 46 percent of Americans would agree to a deal without Canada, according to a poll that asked over 2,000 Americans about their position on NAFTA right now.

Canadians still enjoy the support of a very slight majority of American’s opinions though, with 49 percent saying the deal needs to include Canada.  

There's multiple reasons Americans may be feeling down on Canada. Firstly Canada put tariffs on the States as part of the trade dispute and could be affecting their cost of living. Canada has also signaled it is unwilling to budge on issues like its dairy supply managment system, which regulates dairy prices by limiting imports. 

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The rest were undecided on whether or not Canada is vital to the deal going forward. This weekend, Trump tweeted that there is “no political necessity to keep Canada in the new NAFTA deal.” 

The president added that if the United States doesn’t get what he sees as a fair deal, “Canada will be out.” 

Despite missing the deadline, the President imposed to get a deal done last week. Talks will be continuing this week in the hopes of reaching a deal as soon as possible for both countries.  

Both countries have put tariffs on multiple products as part of the ongoing trade dispute. 

Source: Global News

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