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Netflix Is Going To Spend $500 Million Dollars On Canadian Content

That's a lot of loonies.

Canadian government officials have been having some serious conversations as how to best showcase creative Canadian talent. Government officials want to encourage, promote and showcase content that's ideated and produced in Canada while broadcasting it to the world. While there are still active hopes of Facebook and Google investing in Canadian content, it's Netflix that's offering up the big bucks. 

Netflix's half a billion dollar investment in Canadian content means that creators will have the support they need to help get their content publicized and distributed on a global scale. The sharing of Canadian content will allow Canadian culture to reach all corners of the world. 

Netflix's investment will not only help television shows and film productions, but various music producers and digital content as well. Netflix has somehow avoided regulations that most Canadian broadcasting companies are made to follow, like a streaming tax or meeting a content quota. Justin Trudeau made it abundantly clear that a Netflix tax simply "would not happen" in that he wasn't going to penalize the middle (netflix loving) class. Here's to a whole lot more Canadian content! 

Source: Toronto Star 

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